Marmorated Stink Bug Season 1 September

DARW release (Department of Agriculture and Water Resources)

DARW has introduced seasonal import measures to manage the risk of Brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) during the high risk season. New seasonal measures will apply for goods shipped on or between 1 September 2018 to 30 April 2019.

BMSB Countries

  • United States of America, Italy, Germany, France, Russia, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Georgia, Japan (heightened vessel surveillance will be the only measure applied).

Goods Categories

Three categories of imported goods. a) Target HIGH RISK goods b) Target RISK goods c) Other goods Treatment requirements
  1. It is mandatory to treat offshore high risk goods shipped as LCL, FAK, or break bulk, in open top containers or on flat rack containers. Goods not treated or treated by an un approved treatment provider will be subject to destruction or re-export unless exceptional circumstances are granted.
  2. It is mandatory to treat Mandatory high risk goods shipped as FCL (full container load) or FCX (full container consolidated), (LCL or FAK in general purpose containers.) High risk goods shipped as FCL and FCX, LCL, FAK may be treated on arrival in Australia at the container level. However, deconsolidation or removal of goods (for example, exempt goods) will not be permitted prior to the treatment.
  3. Risk goods will be subject to increased onshore intervention through random inspection and will be directed for onshore treatment if BMSB is detected. Off shore treatment is NOT mandatory.
  4. Random inspection of all categories of goods after treatment to validate the effectiveness of treatments.
  5. Other goods are not subject to BMSB measures if they are not shipped with, or not exposed to target risk category goods.

Treatment options – Heat treatment, methyl bromide fumigation, sulfuryl fluoride fumigation.

As always, if you have any questions please contact your local FJT office, we are here to help.
36 Explosives, pyrotechnics 74 Copper 84 Machinery
44 Wood 75 Nickel 85 Electrical machinery
45 Cork 76 Aluminium 86 Railway locos
57 Carpets 78 Lead 87 Vehicles
68 Stone, cement 79 Zinc 88 Aircraft
69 Ceramics 80 Tin 89 Ships
70 Glass 81 Base metals 93 Arms, ammunition
72 Steel, iron 82 Tools, cutlery
73 Steel articles 83 Base metal
Target risk goods
25 Salt, minerals 31 Fertilisers 47 Wood pulp
26 Ores, slag, ash 38 Chemical products 48 Paper, cardboard
27 Fuel oils 39 Plastics 49 Printed matter
28 Inorganic chemicals 40 Tyres, rubber 56 Wadding, felt
29 Organic chemicals 46 Straw, basket ware

All other goods

BMSB seasonal measures do not apply to goods not identified as ‘target high risk’ and ‘target risk’. However, these goods may be subject to the measures if they are part of a consignment that contains target high risk and target risk goods.

Approved treatment providers

The DAWR have published a list of approved treatment providers. This list will have new approved providers added as time progresses, and likewise providers removed if they do not comply with the requirements. Currently there is a number of countries not represented by approved treatment providers.

Please find the link to the current treatment providers’ list from the DAWR site.


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