FJT Logistics Obtains Australian Trusted Trader Status

FJT Logistics is proud & excited to announce that we have obtained Australian Trusted Trader [ATT] status. ATT is an accredited partnership with Australian Border Force that is assessed against World Customs Organization standards. FJT has been assessed as a trade partner with compliant trade practices and a secure supply chain.

The Trusted Trader Program has increasing global recognition & relevance through Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs). Australia has MRAs in place with our partner economies in China, Hong Kong, Canada, New Zealand, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. Our Trusted Trader status is recognised in these countries and can be of assistance in receiving trade facilitation benefits.

The Trusted Trader Program is open to Importers, Exporters, as well as industry service providers such as FJT Logistics. We encourage our client partners to consider their own suitability to apply for Trusted Trader accreditation

FJT Logistics is here to assist in this process. We have been through the process and can guide and assist you through the accreditation process. As a Trusted Trader, we have a seat at the table in discussions and participation in developing initiatives related to the global trade industry. We can also inform you of the benefits, including the latest benefit of Trusted Traders not having to present proof of origin documentation for certain Free Trade Agreements.

The biggest value for the accredited partners is within the benefits program that is exclusive to Trusted Traders.
Some of the key benefits include priority treatment, a ‘softer touch’ at the Border for the clearance of your shipments, access to data reports on your business, and duty deferral.

Details of the benefits can be found at

Please contact your local office with any queries or comments on the Trusted Trader Program. We look forward to assisting you.

David W. Browne
National Operations Manager
Tel. Direct +61 3 9998 7602 | Mobile: +61 403 454 070

One minute with Andrea Viaggi
Queensland Branch Manager

I landed in Australia from Italy almost 8 years ago at the age of 26 with my Australian girlfriend at the time, (now my wife).

As soon as I arrived, I already knew that, despite my Degree and Master Degree in Marketing and Communication obtained in Italy, where I’m from, it would have been a challenge for me to find a job I could enjoy and get satisfaction and rewards from, due to my Working Holiday Visa restriction.

While I was looking and waiting for the right opportunity, I did so many different jobs: from working in an Italian pizza place, delivering pizza and pasta, to an Opportunity shop pricing the items. I went from picking grapes for 4 months in a farm in Mildura to get the Second Working Holiday Visa, to working for a Charity organisation, doing their marketing and communication.

Despite I was loving Australia and my girlfriend, we almost reached the point to wonder if we should have gone back to Italy, when something happened.

On a chill day of September, after the hundreds interview, I met with my destiny: when I was about to give up, I finally got the opportunity to start a career in freight forwarding.

So, my journey in FJT Logistics begun.
The company asked us to move from Melbourne to Brisbane as the office just opened and they needed an extra person. My wife and I didn’t think twice. With our 1998 Ford Falcon, we packed all our stuff, say goodbye to all our friends and started our new adventure in Brisbane.

I started my path in freight forwarding, with no background in the industry. With hard work, lots of sacrifice, commitment and a bit of luck, I became 6 years later the Branch manager of Brisbane Branch.

Looking back at all the things my wife and I have been through in the past years; I can say that we have been blessed. Australia has most certainly been the country of the opportunity for us.

We went from an unknown and uncertain future to: getting married (twice, in Italy and Australia), purchase our first house and… who knows what’s next 😊.

1)    What is something we don’t know about you?

When I was 15 years old, I won the Bronze medal in the Italian National competition in Roma, in kayak. I used to train Monday to Friday for 3 hours a day every day and competing on the weekend. I was quite fit when I was a teenager 😊.

2)   If you could time travels where would you go? 
I would love to witness the ancient civilization. I’d love to see the Egyptian time, but I’ve also always been fascinated by the ancient Greek philosophers. I most definitely would like to spend time with Aristotele and Platone.

3)    What is your signature dish? 
Pasta al Ragu’.
My dad told me how to make the real Ragu Sauce (Not Bolognaise sauce… 😊) when I was a teenager. With the years I perfect the recipe and I’m sorry, but my father told me, I’m not allowed to share it.

4) How would your best friend describe you? 
“He likes to complain a lot about many things, but in the end, he is a good caring mate… “

5)  When did you save the day for a client?
When years ago, a client had a very urgent big Air freight. The day of the delivery the truck broke down in the middle of nowhere. Client was desperate for the cargo. I jumped on my car, told her to meet me where the truck broke down and I hand unloaded the cargo and load it into her car. She met the deadline and years later she still thanks me for that day.

6)  Through FJT, are you involved in any sporting/community projects or supporting community organisations? 
Thanks to FJT, I joined the Queensland Italian Chamber of Commerce, where I now am one of the 12-board member of the Chamber. Networking and personal connection are one of the most important keys in any industries.

7)  What’s the most interesting product you have forwarded?
Our Brisbane branch has recently been in charge to ship from Australia to Italy on behalf of the Australian University representation, all the uniform, gadgets, medical equipment’s etc for the Universiadi 2019. This are the Olympic game of the University student Worldwide.
Makes proud the idea that someone thanks to FJT, the Australian Student will be able to represent during the games their country.

Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs-2019/2020 season

The Department of Agriculture have finalised the measures to be implemented for the upcoming BMSB season which will be in place from the 1st September 2019 through to the 31st May 2020.

For further information please access

Contact FJT Logistics Australia (in advance, prior to cargo booking finalisation) if in doubt if goods are subject to BMSB management and the required treatments therefore. Keep in mind that untreated or incorrectly treated THR goods may be directed for export from Australia if not compliant with BMSB action/treatment requirements.

Change of name and impact on packing declarations

Further to our member notice post the federal election in May 2019, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources was renamed the Department of Agriculture (DoA).

The department will now be referred to the Department of Agriculture in all AIMS documentation and the logo replaced by the new department logo.  To review that notice please click HERE.

Will there will be a need to update packing declarations?

DoA have advised:

“The packing declaration templates available on the department’s website will be updated to reflect the new department name in due course.

This is likely to coincide with the release of the revised Minimum documentary and import declaration requirements policy in September.

In the meantime, your members are welcome to update their own versions of the template with the new department name.

The departmental name stated on the packing declaration does not contribute to the management of the biosecurity risk that the document seeks to address.

For this reason, no non-compliance will be recorded for accredited persons who accept packing declarations stating previous departmental names.

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