BMSB 2019/2020 Update

FCL containers from Europe that are BMSB risk FCLs in the current season are now arriving in Australia.

For FCLs to be treated at destination, there are now more service options available. Whether or not this will flow into faster releases of BMSB FCLs that are subject to treatment and inspections is yet to be truly tested.

As expected, the Department of Agriculture is already experiencing some technical challenges with their out-dated IT systems, with some processing delays occurring this week.

Also as expected, in the early days of the season, the Department of Agriculture is directing some treated FCLs to be unpacked and 100% inspected to assess the effectiveness of the treatments (both origin & destination). Unfortunately for affected importers, this will involve delays in cargo release and additional costs.

As we have stated before, the position of the Department of Agriculture is that when it comes to compliance/border security vs commercial impact for imports, the compliance process wins every time.

Industry Advice & Food Notices

The Department of Agriculture has published updated Industry Advice and Food Notices:

Imported Food Notice 17-19
[Imported Food Control Order 2019, effective 1 October 2019]

The updated notice replaces the previous Imported Food Control Order 2001.  This notice enables the continued operation of the Imported Food Inspection Scheme.  The change is the inclusion of a classification for surveillance food at subsection 5(6).  This is a result of amendments to the Imported Food Control Act 1992.  

Imported Food Notice 18-19
[Imported Food Control (Record keeping) Determination 2019, effective 1 October 2019]

This order’s purpose is to advise importers about the new record-keeping requirements for traceability.  Traceability is the ability to track foods through all stage of the food chain, allowing to see step forward and backwards. Records can be kept in a manual or electronic system and must be kept for 5 years.

Imported Food Notice 2019-43
[Invitation to comment on a new national Biosecurity website]

The National Biosecutity website is to help Australians on how it relates to them, reduce risks and how to report any concerns. The website is a place for all biosecurity information that links government, industry and research on biosecurity.  Feedback is required to build a better service and to improve the website.

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