One minute with Elena Buckland
Perth Branch Manager

I started working at FJT in April 2019.  I was living Malaysia for 5 years before that. After coming back to Australia in January 2019 I was very lucky to get a job at FJT.

FJT is a family company, its spirit and high standard of customer services impressed me a lot during my first days of employment with FJT. After working and traveling to many countries it was very exciting to join the company which had people from all over the world.

The moment I was introduced to the staff in Perth office  – I knew exactly it would be a nice place to work. The best thing about working at FJT is daily interaction with professionals, learning new things and facing challenges.

If I had to bring my kids to work I would definitely show them how to organize impossible freight deliveries.

That is the beauty about working in our industry – every day brings something different.

Elena’s response to four of our getting to know you questions.

What is your Dream holiday home?
My dream holiday home will be on a Tropical Island where you can snorkel every day, swim, sunbathe, eat tropical fruit and relax.

What are your 6 favorite foods?
Cheese, curries, olives, caviar, salami and seafood.

Who is your favorite Celebrity chef?
Jamie Oliver – I like his recipes as they are easy to cook, contain simple ingredients and are full of flavors.

Do you belong to any Sporting communities?
Every weekend I am all over Perth with my kids for netball, AFL, soccer and basketball and involved in the local soccer community with my daughter.

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug [BMSB] update

The 2019/20 BMSB season is well underway.

A topic that is raising some questions is regarding FCL loads that are tightly packed, which may compromise the effectiveness of the BMSB treatment.
Follow up inspections last season identified this problem.

The Department of Agriculture sets out Minimum Standards for treatment.

The Department has now published a series of factsheets to provide further guidance on conducting effective and compliant BMSB treatments.
The factsheets are available at Guidance for conducting BMSB Treatments

Please share the Fact Sheet on Consignment Suitability with your suppliers, as this will assist them in how they will need to load BMSB FCLs.

2 Key Points worth noting that are not clearly noted in the Fact sheets

  1. As per the Minimum Standards, with regard to BMSB affected consignments, the consignment must be loaded off the floor of the enclosure to provide free air space under the target of the heat treatment and to prevent cooling influences from the ground affecting the treatment.                                                                                                                      
  2. If there is any dispute or doubt on what takes priority; maximizing the load into the FCL V meeting the packing compliance requirements, the compliance side wins every time.

Please contact your local FJT Logistics office for any BMSB queries.

FCL Cargo Bookings ex China

The FCL trade from China (esp. Northern China) to Australia is currently experiencing Vessels being overbooked, and upwards pressure on Freight rates.

On the back of lower than expected FCL profit margins & volumes over the last 6 months, shipping lines on this trade lane have manufactured a Peak Season environment, to squeeze space on vessels, leading to higher freight prices. This was done by omitting vessels on the Australian trade leg over July and August, reducing down capacity levels. Now there is a catch-up exercise for delayed bookings, plus the increasing ‘natural’ seasonal aspect.

The current recommendation coming out of China is that FCL shipment bookings to Australia need to be submitted as far in advance as possible, 2-3 weeks prior to target departure date.

That’s not easy to achieve for some importers, but that is the current recommendation.

There is the Golden Week holiday period in China Oct 1st to Oct 7th and the ongoing level of the Peak Season may be clearer after that time.

FJT Logistics will keep you updated.

Free Trade Agreements – Ready Reckoner

/p>We are unsure how long it has been since the term ‘Ready Reckoner’ has been used but it’s good to see it back!

A Ready Reckoner is a bit like Google document for over 50s.

Regardless of what they wish to call it, the Dep’t of Foreign Affairs and Trade have issued a guidance document providing information on all the origin side documentation requirements to qualify for discounted Free Trade Agreement duty rates. Please refer to updated document and we encourage importers to share this link with their suppliers in Free Trade origins.

Please contact you local FJT Logistics office for any FTA queries.

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